FoneFacts’ Situation Surveys Support Your Business Decisions

It’s impossible to make solid business decisions without the proper facts. That’s why FoneFacts specializes in retrieving the facts as they relate to your company’s phone skills. FoneFacts’ Situation Surveys are designed in conjunction with your corporate objectives. Our customized software and recording technology allows us to provide you with any type of detailed reporting on key performance factors.

By following predetermined scripts coupled with our unique recording capabilities, we are able to extract the vital information you need to know about your employee’s product knowledge, sales ability and overall customer relationship. We are not here to tell you how to run your business, but with the "facts," you are then able with pinpoint accuracy to train, educate, and motivate your personnel towards your desired results.

The Competitive Edge

If you have ever wondered about the sales ability and customer management skills of your competitors, FoneFacts can provide you with a detailed look at what others are saying and doing. You will find that our competitive analyses go well beyond product comparisons.

Quality Control... Quality Feedback

All of FoneFacts personnel are trained according to the Situation Survey they are performing. As a result, accuracy and timeliness are systematic before distribution. Our fact-finding is then packaged in a user-friendly format. With the click of a mouse, you can see and hear FoneFacts detailed reports that include: performance scores and rankings on month-to-date and/or year-to-date averages and any other key information you desire to know.

Awards / Incentive Programs

You may have heard the old adage, "what you expect, you must inspect." At FoneFacts, we believe you must take that old adage one step further. "What you expect, you must inspect and then reward those who perform according to your expectations."

It is a proven fact, people respond better to praise than to criticism. Our reporting is designed to hold low-scoring surveys accountable, but more importantly, to recognize and reward the top performing individuals, from those who answer the phone, to the Managers and District Managers who train their people well and/or demonstrate improvement. It is in the spirit of competition with an environment of praise that ultimately yields improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. Our reporting includes any recognition plan that you desire and/or we can prepare one for you.