Why You Need FoneFacts Situation Surveys

Too often personnel are placed in key positions and assumed to be doing their jobs properly. From an insiders perspective they "look good" and say all of the right things "key" employees should. But, what about the other, more important side — the outside view?

Each survey we make is recorded and reported in an objective, accurate manner. Our entire professional process is geared to evaluating the "outside" skills of your phone personnel as they relate to your customers. Each Situation Survey is recorded and reported — individually — so, with the click of a mouse, you can quickly access the real phone facts and/or know when training is necessary to elevate the professional selling capabilities of your companys staff.

When Should FoneFacts Make Calls For You?

We provide you with on-going verification of customer interactions. We will also audit new locations and/or verify performances relating to new product/service offerings. With employee turnover and "forgetfulness", weve found that periodic callbacks are the best means of insuring against "slippage" of phone skills.

Our Objective

Its our primary objective to provide you with:
  1. The facts surrounding your employee engagements with your customers — so you can efficiently train and motivate proper behavior.
  2. Adequate numbers of customer perceptions — enabling you to effectively redirect any negative perceptions your customers may have relative to your brand, image, quality, service, price concerns, etc.
  3. A competitive analysis that goes well beyond product comparisons.

Call on FoneFacts to Better Cash-in on Customer Call-ins.