About Us
FoneFacts gives you an accurate, all-important first-hand look at your company through the ears of your prospective customers. Itís imperative that you know whether or not your telephone personnel truly possess the knowledge and skills necessary to instill high levels of comfort and confidence in your companyís products and services. You must know precisely how valuable your employees are when it comes to greeting and selling your old, new and future call-in customers.

FoneFacts provides one — and only one — service specialty... telephone surveying. By posing as your customer, we professionally extract the "facts", audit and recap the information you need to know.

In most cases your company has just one — and only one — opportunity to cash-in on each call-in customer. Itís critical that your phone personnel be comprised of knowledgeable, well-trained sales professionals. The packaged recap of our due diligence, plus other vital information, will allow you to properly educate, train and motivate your organization to meet your corporate sales objectives.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is direct and straightforward. There are no set-up charges or hidden fees, and satisfaction is guaranteed. FoneFacts takes the "Mystery" and the "Secret" out of Survey Shopping. When the "facts" and the "dollars" count... FoneFacts gives you the best possible position to cash-in on all of your call-ins.